Crowns & Bridges Dental Services

for Madison, WV

Dental Crowns and Bridge Services to Restore Missing Teeth

Harold Howell III DMD has dental crowns and bridges services for patients to help restore their smile. Crowns and bridges are used to restore a tooth to its shape or completely replace a missing tooth. We recommend fixing a tooth with a crown or replacing it with a bridge to keep your mouth healthy. If you are experiencing worn, decayed, damaged or missing teeth, dental crowns or bridges might be a good solution for you.

For more information about dental crowns and bridges, contact Harold Howell III DMD at (304) 369-2034.

We are Proud to Offer Efficient Crown and Bridge Procedures to Clients

Our practice is proud to offer dental crowns and bridges for the Madison, WV, area. Dental crowns and bridges are an efficient procedure for repairing a tooth. Whether your tooth is decayed, damaged, infected, missing or worn, we can create a natural looking tooth while also providing a healthier environment for your mouth.

Dental Crowns Preserve Teeth to Prevent More Damage and Decay

If you have tooth cracks, tooth decay, damaged teeth or natural tooth wear and tear, dental crowns are a great way to repair them. Dental crowns are a restorative treatment that can help you renew the appearance and function of your teeth. Crowns help preserve teeth by covering the enamel to prevent further damage and decay. Today crowns are made with many different types of materials such as silver, gold, composite or porcelain.

Dental Bridges Can Renew the Function and Look of a Missing Tooth

For patients missing teeth, we advise replacing them to maintain your oral health and function. Dental bridges are a restorative procedure that can make a smile look more aesthetically pleasing and make it easier for them to chew food. Dental bridges are custom devices that use a natural prosthetic to replace one or many teeth. The prosthetic is attached to surrounding teeth to keep them in place. Dental bridges are made out of materials such as composite or porcelain to achieve a natural look.