Partials & Dentures

for Madison, WV

Partials or Dentures are a Great Option to Replace Many Missing Teeth

Harold Howell III DMD offers services for partials and dentures for patients in Madison, WV, and the surrounding area. Let our practice help you restore the structure and function of your smile. Partials and dentures procedures are used to replace a few or several missing teeth. When there are several missing teeth it is important to replace them to prevent facial sagging, restore speech and allow for chewing food. Replacing missing teeth also promotes better oral health as well. If you have a few or several missing teeth partials or dentures might be the right fit for you.

Restore the Function and Look of Teeth with Partials or Full Dentures

When patients have several missing teeth that need replaced, Harold Howell III DMD recommends partials or full dentures to restore them. With advances in technology, dentures are more comfortable and natural looking than ever before. After the installation of partials or full dentures, our patients experience the ability to chew food and speak like they did before losing their teeth. We make dentures with top quality materials for durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing teeth. Our team will help you decide what is best for you depending on your needs. For full or partial dentures call Harold Howell III DMD at (304) 369-2034.

We Offer High Quality and Comfortable Partial Dentures

Partials are a type of denture used when the patient is missing teeth but still have a few remaining teeth. Our patients have the option of choosing either removable or fixed partials. Partial dentures are anchored to the healthy surrounding teeth to keep them secured. When patients choose to replace their missing teeth with partial dentures, it helps maintain the original structure of their mouth.

Full Dentures Maintain the Structure and Health of Your Mouth

Full Dentures are available at Harold Howell III DMD for patients who have no remaining teeth on the upper or lower jawbones. Replacing missing teeth is important for patients to maintain the denture structure and function of their mouth. After the addition of dentures patients will be able to bite and chew food as they normally would. Full dentures also help our patients avoid facial sagging. Modern dentures are now more comfortable and more natural looking to create a beautiful smile you can feel confident with.